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The following birds are available for sale at this time. They are priced so the average person can afford them. So don't pass up some good birds just because they're not priced at several hundred dollars each.

If you're at the other end of the financial spectrum, you need to realize that these are pedigreed animals and not street pigeons.

The day of the five-dollar pigeon is long gone. They are priced so I can receive some reasonable return on the investment I have made in feed, time caring for them, etc. What is a pigeon really worth? The value of a pigeon depends on three factors, and you can read about them here. You will find some rare-colored birds among those listed. Our rare colors are required to fly right with the other birds. We sell youngsters that we raise out of our flyers, but we will seldom sell the rare-colored flyers themselves because we will be using them later as breeders.

I am selling pigeons, not paper, but almost all of those listed below have extensive pedigrees. I will provide whatever pedigree information I have on each bird listed.

Feel free to email me and request an electronic copy of the pedigree of any bird listed here. Larger boxes not only cost more, but they also mean even more weight, hence the major jump in shipping costs as the number of birds increases. Payment can be made via money order I do not accept personal checks or you can use Visa or Mastercard by clicking on the Paypal logo below. Paypal is preferred. If description of bird is underlined, click on it to see a picture.

Or you can click on the thumbnail for a larger photo. You can contact us by clicking here.Solid Gold!! I asked The Gwent Greater Distance Club are holding a much needed fundraiser and they would like to thank all donors for their generosity in supporting their cause. Within the me Purchased last year for stock at auction They were offered for sale at the time as the vendor was returning to out and out sprinting and they are a genuine pair breeding These birds were purchased in auction last year for stock.

I've got a belter for you here!

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Sex believed correct not All the best lines in this pigeon. Sure to grace any stock loft. All the best International distance flyers use Euro Diamond lines to breed around.

Sire: Son of Euro Diamon Sire is Carrera a direct grandson of Nieuwe Olympiade bought by Eijerkamp foreuros x Carmen a direct daughter o These aren't big name pigeons with Here is a fantastic offer of a direct young bird off "Against all odds", the yearling cock, winner of 1st open NRCC Thurso, flying miles. This youngbird is Bred down from a selection of Janssen Champions. Picture is of the Sire of A grandson of the great twice winner of the Up North Combine, Village Lad when he was paired to his own daughter via a daughter of the Big Hen who was the granddam of the GBP Place Bid.

Sensational Distance YB bred in May. View All. Featuring the National winning Dennis Ford lines The Gwent Greater Distance Club are holding a much needed fundraiser and they would like to thank all donors for their generosity in supporting their cause. Mr Mrs Maull x Tumley Lofts lines The Gwent Greater Distance Club are holding a much needed fundraiser and they would like to thank all donors for their generosity in supporting their cause.

Janssens Bred down from a selection of Janssen Champions. Grandson of Village Lad A grandson of the great twice winner of the Up North Combine, Village Lad when he was paired to his own daughter via a daughter of the Big Hen who was the granddam of the Our website uses cookies. By continuing, you consent to the use of cookies on your device, unless you have disabled them from your browser.

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I Understand.Before you spend any money on my birds, just in case you have an existing problem with your birds first call The Pigeon Doctor at Things to completely understand about these StraightStassartsBaladin. I had lent this flyer Tornado for two years. Myself and others have won many mile races with these birds.

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It depends on the race system used what you do with them. Just remember you can't burn a candle at both ends. After all these years these birds are now clones of Baladin.

Ernest Elliot bred from half-brother and half-sister ever since and I continue to do so. Stassart flew these birds from until At the height of long distance racing, when there were more long distance racers, Stassart flew Baladin himself for eight years winning 9 long distance races.

Ernest Elliot flew these birds from until He learned line breeding from his cousin, an English master breeder. Ernest then taught me, Bill Willix, and now I want to teach you that you must start with a champion cock bird, not just a relative, from at least 5 generations of hard race mile winners.

Elliott flew Baladins for eight years winning 21 diplomas, which include 3 times first place at miles and 3 times second place at miles. Marciano's brother wasn't a heavyweight champion. You must start with the champion, not a relative. Baladins lived for 21 years.

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Upon Ernest Elliot's passing, Bill Willix inherited these birds in and still flies them today. Willix flew Baladins Shadow for eight years in 86 races in a row.

Shadow won 1st, 2nd or 3rd at,only two day birds and miles only seven 2nd day birds. Shadow was in the top 6 of more than a dozen long distance races. Now that you're learning about line breeding you can realize how misleading the term "pure" Stassarts is. Starting with the one Champion cock bird the correct term is "straight" Stassarts Baladin.


Every famous pigeon flyer you know by name, Sion, Stassart, Bastin, etc. Stassart, Curtis, Heitzman, and Willix couldn't fly these birds and stay on top without a pigeon doctor and neither can you. Everything these birds do right is your fault and everything they do wrong is your fault and it all starts with an avian diagnostician, three weeks before the first race and, once racing, every three weeks. The Pigeon Doctor, Anton, is Dr. A great loss for our hobbyDr.

Pigeon has passed away. Click HERE for more on keeping your birds healthy. I'm certainly not the greatest pigeon racer in the world but I do know how to keep race pigeons healthy.

There are many roads to Rome! All of my birds are raced, I have no stock birds. I only breed from my birds that have performed in races that have exceeded 12 hours. Ernest Elliott had a favorite saying, "Marciano's brother wasn't a heavyweight champion. So you want youngsters from Marciano not from his brother". The more Joe Lewis' you breed from in a row, the better chance you have of breeding winners. As long as you use the pigeon doctor Anton Fountain, I will replace any bird that dies.

Also, if you should ever loose interest in them I'll buy them back. Tornado is a mealy.Corneel Horemans was a game-keeper in Schoten, Belgium; his name is not well known to most modern racing pigeon enthusiasts. Obviously when I say this I am including myself in this category. Now this fact is not hard to understand, given that if Corneel had lived he would now be almost years old.

The major Belgian racing pigeon publications of the time ranked Corneel Horemans with the immortal Wegge as the greatest of that era. Leading pigeon journals of the time when speaking of Horemans went as far as to say, and actually did say that:. Some history and key dates are in order to help understand this statement. In Mr. Ulens, sold all of his racing pigeons but four that would end at the home of Mr. Salmans sold all of his pigeons Ulens to Mr.

Karl Wegge acquired all of the pigeons of Mr. In Karl Wegge puts on his very first major auction. Wegge undertakes his second and last major auction, breaking all previous sales records.

Van der Espt, Van de Velde, Bricoux, etc. Given this history one can now better understand the true significance of the statement made above by the most respected racing pigeon journals of the day!

Somers and finally from Somers to Horemans. The Horemans pigeons were subsequently cultivated extensively by fanciers of the caliber of Hector Desmet, Valeer Docker, George De Jaegher, Van Spitael and a host of others including the Cattrysse Brothers who added to the strength of their line by adding the line of Hector Desmet as did Charles Vander Espt.

Many in Belgium had an opportunity to acquire stock directly from Horemans during his long career as well as at a public auction held on January 11 th and a final disposal of the remaining Horemans stock by his son Louis in Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Right behind it was once the world famous Hofkens loft. Very often have I been asked this question. Not only by foreigners, but also by Dutchmen and Belgians. Why they asked me, of all persons, is not so strange when one considers apart from my pigeon writing activities I knew Hofkens quite well as he was a personal friend.

You must know Hofkens, who was a butcher in the village of Merksplas, and live only four miles from my house.

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His friendship with me is not that strange. Hofkens and I live in an area which is very rich of illustrious names. For example, Janssen Bros. Hofkens started his career as a short-distance champion.

As races from Quivrain, KMs, he was really unbeatable. In those days he was too strong for competitors. Later, he turned over to middle-distance and his results were just as breathtaking as before. He was still pretty unknown. The reason was, he did not want any publicity and … He did not have auctions.

Especially in Belgium, it is important to have an auction regularly. The papers can only survive because of the profits made in auctions and if they smell one they begin to write about such a fancier. Only in his own area everybody knew he was by far the best. Outside this area only the very clever people became aware of his greatness.

For example, Jan Grondelaars. He lives about KMs from Hofkens, but this clever Mr.

Grondelaars went there to buy birds and … this made him world famous. Also in Union Antwerpen. He only raced with 3 birds or even less but were always fully pooled and week after week, it was the Merksplas butcher who took all the money. Now his fame was spread rapidly. This was not because his birds became better but … he won all the money which was to be won! When he got some name he did not have that many good birds but those which he had were really outstanding.

So in spite of the fact that he did not breed as many good birds as before his fame began to spread like wild fire all over the country. This because of the great amounts of money he won with his fully pooled birds but also because other fanciers had terrific results with Hofkens blood. Then Mr. Hofkens died and his pigeons were to be auctioned.

wegge pigeons

Some weeks before the auction some of the most important birds were stolen despite there were alarms all around the loft. The auctioneer became so scared that the loft were guarded day and night by police. For a time they were even more valuable than the Janssen birds. Especially Germans came with big Mercedes and searched the environment for original Hofkens. When they knew about a farmer or just someone with Hofkens birds in the loft, they were prepared to spend very much money on such birds.Famous People who were Pigeon Fanciers.

Cornell University The Pigeon Game. Friday, July 8, Wegges. By Dr. This family was founded by M. Charles Wegge of Lierre, near Antwerp, and is generally considered to be the greatest of all the old original strains.

The foundation birds came from M. Schewych of Antwerp and from the schoolmaster at Vrembe. This combination produced birds of outstanding brilliance, among them 1st Mont de Marsen. Later he introduced birds from M. Vekeman of Antwerp which were procured at the latter's dispersal sale. He also exchanged birds with M. Gits and M. He practised inbreeding to a marked extent, but was always very careful in the selection of suitable birds. He must have been a foremost figure in the Sport in its early days.

Jules Janssen, one of M. Wegge's oldest friends, considered him to be the greatest fancier of all time. Wegge had his own methods of making his selection and preferred to be alone when arranging pairs in M. Janssen's loft, a duty he performed for many years prior to his death in For stock he favoured birds over medium size, and in his inbreeding he did not lose size and managed to keep to type. Pearl and red eyes were common among the birds, heads were well developed and strong.

They showed little cere or wattle. Feather was silky and rich. The keel was often strong and inclined to be long and well developed. In his select colony he had a large number of mealies, reds and blues.

At his dispersal sale inrecord prices were made, and the birds were eagerly sought after and distributed to many of the best lofts in Belgium.

They excelled in structural qualities and in addition were courageous "heavy weather" flyers, particularly in adverse winds. They proved an idea cross in many fanciers hands. Jules Janssen which produced so many winners and helped to found the loft of M.

Stassart and others. The Baclenes which did so much to establish Dr. Bricoux's loft were also Wegges, and the Sions contain much of the same blood. Also in the old Stanhopes the blood is represented by the Vekeman family. For example, the red Calf hen is a progenitor of the famous "Excel", etc. The name Servais is also prominent in the old Stanhope pedigree, and in an old record I note that this family was composed largely of the Wegge-Ulens combination of blood. The Wegge blood was recognised as of value when crossed with the Van Schingens, as in the famous Janssens stock pair already described.

Posted by Mike Taylor at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Search This Blog.Paul Sion. A champion racer and an outstanding breeder. Sion purchased a champion Mealy cock from M. Gris Dugniol. The pigeon had won at the distance for ten successive years. The pigeon was from the M Kikkens strain. Wegge or Cassier. This hen proved to be a champion in all the races. The blue hen was later mated to cock of Pynen blood and Delathouwer.

It was from this mating "Rouge Sion" was produced. Rouge Sion went on to be a great racer And also bred many winers.

wegge pigeons

William Anderson. I found it interesting of that so many of the well know breeds we race today have Sion pigeons in there backround. With the most of them going back Wegge or Ulens. Personal Remarks. New flyers This would be my advise to you. As you read about the of the great champions of the past you will find many of them had deep pockets. Wegge himself would not hesitate to purchase a proven pigeon to add to his flock.

Just as Fabry did. Many of us could not afford to purchase a proven champion or for that matter children of a great racer.

I have found grand children even great grandchildren can prove to be champion birds. Just be sure you get pigeons that can handle the distance.

wegge pigeons

Remember it is not how much you spend but what you purchase that matters.